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Free loaner microscopes may be available when we perform your repair.

A microscope requires periodic maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, alignment, and calibration to prevent damage and ensure proper functioning. It may also require repair or replacement of parts.

Micro-Optics provides you with comprehensive in-house and on-site service for preventive maintenance to complex mechanical and electronic repairs.
Whether it is an emergency or routine, we can accommodate your scheduling and service needs.

We service for:

  • Biomedical
  • Clinical and Research
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Educational (K-12)
  • Industrial
  • Museums and Art Conservation

Why Choose Our Shop for Your Microscope Service and Repair?

  • We have a fully equipped shop.
  • Our rates are competitively priced and all repairs are fully guaranteed.
  • Our technical staff have decades of combined experience in all facets of microscopy and electronics service.
  • The broad range of our expertise extends from antique and obsolete microscopes to cutting edge optical technology and digital imaging.
  • We bring over 40 years of experience restoring antique and collectible microscopes.
  • We specialize in difficult and unusual electrical and electronic repairs, even to the component level!
  • When needed, we can modify most mechanical and electronic systems to restore full functionality.
  • We have a large inventory of new, pre-owned, and hard-to-find parts for most microscopes.
  • We do repairs for many other service providers. Send us your toughest problems!

Why Does a Microscope Need Service?

Microscope – the name itself defines an instrument for observing objects too small to be detected by the naked eye. The technology is based on the controlled transmission of light and is fundamentally unchanged since the days of Zeiss and Abbe.
However, a modern microscope must perform to an unprecedented level of “micro precision” to produce optimum results. Its performance will be significantly reduced for a number of reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Faulty illumination system.
  • Mechanical failure of coarse or fine focus mechanism.
  • Failure of mechanical stage movement.
  • Defective or soiled objective lenses or oculars.
  • Incorrect or mismatched ocular lenses.
  • Damaged or incorrectly adjusted condensers.
  • Misaligned head prisms.
  • Defective electrical/electronic system.
  • Depleted lubrication in the moving parts.
  • Physically broken mechanical parts, e.g., gears, racks, pinions, rings, etc.
  • Missing/damaged bearings.

Therefore a microscope requires periodic maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, alignment and calibration to prevent damage and ensure proper functioning. It may also require repair or replacement of parts.


We are an authorized service and repair provider for:

Carl Zeiss (alternate service provider)
National Optics
Nikon (Optistation Model OST 2, 2A, 3, and 3A)
Parco, Swift, and Unico.

We service all other brands, including:
Bausch and Lomb

BALANCES (Mechanical and Electronic)
Ohaus (Authorized Service Provider)

Unico, Spec 22 type by Bausch and Lomb and Milton Roy (Authorized Service Provider)

Lensometer (Topcon, Burton)
Phoropters (Reichert, Topcon)
Project-O-Chart (American Optical/Reichert)
Slit Lamps (Haag-Streit, Zeiss)

To schedule service or repair: (718) 961-8833,