GemPro is our top of the line system, offering versatility and modularity. Our base comes with either 30 watt or 50 watt halogen or fiber-optic darkfield lighting with or without overhead fluorescent or fiber optic lights. Our GemPro series can be outfitted with a top of the line Carl Zeiss optics carrier or carriers by Olympus, Nikon or Monolux. Magnifications of up to 200X are possible.


For our budget conscious customers, Micro-Optics is pleased to offer the Motic Gemscope. With a variable halogen darkfield base that tilts and swivels, the Motic optics carrier provides standard magnifications up to 50X and can go as high as 100X.


A well known manufacturer from Japan, Meiji makes first-rate stereo microscopes that can be used equally by gemologists and jewelers. Priced below more full featured stands, Meiji, nevertheless, provides professional lighting and optics. Models are available with zoom and turret optics carriers with and without overhead light or darkfield illumination.


For light professional and hobbyist use, Micro-Optics offers a low cost microscope with built-in top and bottom illuminators. Magnification changers offer 10X&20X, 10X&30X and 10X&40X magnification possibilities.

Micro-Optics’ gem/jewelry microscopes are priced from $179.00-$4750